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Information for refugees

Welcome! HelpTo is an internet portal that brings people together. You can find contact to people in your environment. You can check what offerings are available from initiatives and organizations. You can also do a search for work or find an apartment.

Information for residential facilities and accommodations

Currently many things are needed, already some have been donated in abundance. Help us and tell us what you currently need, be it donations or voluntary help. We want that the support offered goes where it is needed most. Look up which offers are available and contact the donor directly over HelpTo.

Information for donators and helpers

Insert your offers and requests. Whether it be material donations, donations in time, job offers or apartments. List the things you want to give or which are needed.

Information for companies

Are there any offers for refugees in your company? Could you maybe offer apprenticeships, internships or jobs? Or could you financially support a local project or support with material donations? Look up what is needed or place something yourself.

Information for initiatives & organizations

Thank you for your engagement. HelpTo wants to support your work. Join now and place your offers (cash donations, computer, volunteers, …)

Information for communities

HelpTo is a free offer and can be used by all communities. Write to [email protected] and we will get in contact with you.